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Bose MSA12X Powered Beam-Steering Array Loudspeaker (Single)

Bose MSA12X Powered Beam-Steering Array Loudspeaker (Single)

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The Bose Professional MSA12X powered beam-steering array loudspeaker is specially engineered to excel in vocal intelligibility and musicality, even in acoustically challenging spaces. Twelve processed and amplified transducers create a precise vertical sound beam that covers the entire audience while reducing disruptive echoes that compromise clarity. The result: a consistent front-to-back sound without mechanical aiming or angling brackets.

The MSA12X goes beyond conventional loudspeakers with its dual-beam functionality, enabling the vertical sound beam to be split into two, providing simultaneous coverage for separate areas such as the main floor and a balcony. The articulated transducer configuration provides 160° horizontal coverage, delivering consistent tonality across the entire audience space, ensuring each listener enjoys the same sound experience.

The install-friendly modular design of the MSA12X allows easy stacking of up to three linked modules. Lengthening the array results in extended coverage, lower-frequency control, and improved dual-beam functionality—without custom ordering or oversized shipping boxes. The array’s beam-steering capability also allows you to mount it at varying heights—not just ear-level like conventional column arrays. Plus, the Dante® network interface and ControlSpace ecosystem integration ensure seamless connectivity and system control.

Online instructions make the design and installation straightforward, ensuring a successful deployment. And with its price-to-performance value, the MSA12X is the clear choice for a wide range of installations. View the instruction web page by clicking here.

For extended bass response, the Bose Professional MB210-WR subwoofer and a PowerShareX smart amplifier perfectly complement the MSA12X as a complete audio solution for speech, music, and live sound applications.


12 × 2.25-inch independently controlled and amplified transducers with frequency response from 75 Hz to 18 kHz create a vertical sound beam that is electronically steered for precision aiming to cover the entire audience area, while reducing disruptive echoes that may compromise clarity — without the need for mechanical aiming or angling brackets.

 Integrated DSP and 600 watts (12 × 50 W) of amplification makes the MSA12X a self-powered and self-processed loudspeaker solution without the requirement for a standalone amplifier or loudspeaker processor.

 Dante® digital audio network interface provides one network cable connection for audio source and system control. Send digital audio to the MSA12X and use the same connection for ControlSpace network integration, enabling control, monitoring, and beam preset recall from ControlSpace-compatible processors, end-user controls, and third-party control systems. A line-level input is also provided for local analog source connection.

 Flexible, modular design allows the simple creation of larger vertical arrays by stacking one, two, or three modules without custom parts, ordering, or oversized shipping boxes. Select from just two models — white or black — and paint them if needed. You gain extended coverage, improved lower frequency control, and dual beam functionality.

 Articulated array transducer configuration provides 160° horizontal coverage delivering consistent tonality across the entire audience space, ensuring each listener enjoys the same sound experience.

 An installer-friendly online instructional webpage provides a seamless step-by-step workflow for designing, configuring, and installing the MSA12X and its associated software applications — all from one webpage. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to best-in-class online instructions, ensuring a swift and efficient design and installation process.

 Bose Professional MSA Design Tool is the first step in designing the MSA12X into the room. It is a simulation and analysis software that allows audio system designers to precisely define room parameters, strategically position the MSA12X within the virtual space, and accurately predict its performance across a diverse range of real-world environments. Once defined, the tool seamlessly synchronizes its predictions with ControlSpace Designer software, forming a workflow that streamlines the entire audio system design process.

 Bose Professional ControlSpace Designer is the next step to seamlessly integrate the prediction calculations generated by the Bose Professional MSA Design Tool into the MSA12X. This software application also configures and designs our entire ControlSpace-enabled processors, smart amplifiers, and loudspeakers using one user interface. Specific to MSA12X, it offers programming of settings, beam preset recalls, and real-time monitoring.

Beam presets when part of a networked ControlSpace system, end users can switch between beam presets to instantly adapt sound coverage to their needs such as half-room or full-room coverage, meeting room partitioning coverage, or balcony coverage. Designers simply assign recallable beam presets to user interfaces — such as wall controls or the ControlSpace Remote app — or assign presets to scheduled timer events and third-party control systems.

All brackets and interconnect cabling included — no extra parts to order.

Available in black or white finish

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