Sports Bars

Transform Your Sports Bar Experience with Our Big Screens.

Our LED Sports Screens are Tailored for Sports Bars designed to enhnace the atmosphere. Our displays are designed to provide crystal-clear visuals and immersive viewing experiences, ensuring that your patrons won't miss a single moment of the action.

Combined with our customisable tablet control we understand the importance of flexibility and ease of use.

Big Screens

AVI Projects specialise in a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED Screens. We custom design every screen to match your requirements. From a traditional Large Screen in 16:9 format to custom shapes and designs.

LED Screens are becoming more and more popular in multiple different spaces from Retail to Sporting Venues and everything in between. 

Audio Solutions

AVI Projects specialise in a wide range of indoor and outdoor Audio Solutions. We custom design every system to match your requirements. From background music systems in a retail space to Large Performance Stages. 

​With over 30+ Years combined experience our technicians will be able to make your space sound perfect. 

​Every space is unique and we understand that. From Nightclubs to Retail we match specific products to your space to create a immersive audio solution. 

Digital Signage

AVI Projects helps businesses of all sizes and industries manage their digital signage content quicker and easier. It’s the digital signage software for those who want something easy to use, affordable and with the flexibility to suit you and your business. 

Digital signage allows any industry to engage their audience with dynamic content, and AVI Projects allows you to quickly and easily manage that content, across any number of screens, without a hassle. With that in mind, check out these industry verticals to see how AVI Projects can work for you..