Redefine your Sports Bar with an AVIP LED Wall

Redefine your Sports Bar with an AVIP LED Wall

AVIP revolutionises the sports bar experience by integrating our quality LED wall and powerful audio systems, redefining how patrons enjoy games. Our LED Displays provide crystal-clear visuals, enhancing the viewing experience. The audio system delivers immersive sound, ensuring every cheer and commentary packs a punch. Integrated with an iPad app, control is at your fingertips, allowing seamless management of the entire system. AVIP transforms sports bars into immersive entertainment hubs, setting the standard for sports viewing.

Key trends that we are seeing clubs introduce when designing sports bars?

"We are noticing that the bigger is better approach is becoming more prominent giving the venue the edge. A screen packaged with visual clarity and an audio system that packs a punch making the client experience more immersive."

How has this changed over the years?
"LED Technology is becoming more affordable allowing venues the ability to go bigger and multiple screens within a venue. Coupled with the ability to have multi-view within one screen"

What do we think are driving these trends?

"Every venue is on a mission to have that point of difference, setting them apart from the rest. Venue managers are constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas, hoping to become the go-to spot for locals during big sports events."

How would we describe an ideal sports bar environment?

"Imagine having a custom-sized AVIP LED display, perfectly fitting your venue, paired with top-quality audio. Throw in an easy-to-use iPad control, and you are all set! Your customers will love this sports bar experience."

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