eCommerce - a CMS with a Shopping & [Generally] a Payment System

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Online Shopping!!
We all do it ? it's so easy!!
It accounts for 3.6% of GDP in Australia and is growing.
We love the convenience of shopping from our own computer, smartphone or tablet.
We all buy differently now. We research our product online, read reviews, get recommendations from friends via Social Media and then go online and find where to buy it.

Can your customers buy from you as easily as you can shop online?
Starting an online business is the obvious way to expand your existing retail business and sell to a wider audience. A physical shop is limited to walk in trade or perhaps mail order, whereas an online shop can be accessed by anyone that uses the internet from anywhere in the world.
Trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , 365 days a year, sell to anyone without restriction.
What we can do for you is build an e-commerce website that will:

  • Present your products in such a way that customers feel confident to click "BUY NOW" and actually make the purchase.
  • Offer upsell opportunities through the recommendation of associated products.
  • Increase your turnover.
  • Accept credit card payments or link direct to your bank with a payment gateway.

With innovations in smartphone and tablet technology abounding, cross-platform compatibility, web design and development is becoming increasingly important for any small business. Responsive Websites are designed to display the best looking version of the website on a number of different devices, such as the tablets, phones, TVs and all different sized browser windows.