Domains . . .


A Domain Name, such as or etc, gives your business or company its own professional identity and presence on the internet.

The different extensions help indicate to the world what sort of organisation you are and to a point where (in which country) you are located.

.com /.net /.org domains is often associated with American companies
  - however in fact they are for global 'commercial' entities that anybody can register. / / domains are clearly AUstralian focussed
(and can ONLY be registered by Australian) businesses or organisations.
  [an AUS BN Registration Number, ABN or ACN etc are required for registration]

Other countries like Germany [,de], France [.fr], Spain [.es] (and the EU [.eu] also have such restrictions while others like 'Tuvalu' [.TV], Armenia [.am], Federated States of Micronesia [.fm] earn money for those small countries from the sale of Domain Name Registrations world wide.

.biz /.info /.asia /.travel /.name /.museum /.mobi /.name have also become very popular and easily recognised global Domains recently

Once you decide on the name you want (and we recommend that you consult us on this important decision), an application to a 'registrar' is required to see if the name is available for you. If it is available, you typically need to organise for a Hosting Provider to configure a couple of 'name servers' to answer queries for that domain - ie assuming the responsibility of being "authoritative hosts" for the domain name - all of which is done by us if you get us to register the name for you.

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